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These days at the Cruising Kitchens shop you can feel the excitement in the air with the 20+ projects that are going on, shipping containers, 30′ Freightliner Step Vans, and 53′ Trailers all being walled out, and worked on at the same time.

Cruising Kitchens

In the works a huge project for The RK Group/Illusions Rentals incorporating two build outs and a huge workload for the wrap crew with some top notch branding. Also, a shipping container brick oven pizza trailer will be headed to the big apple. School Districts are jumping in and agreeing that a food truck is definitely the way to go, and they are ready to get rolling in a hurry! They are using these trucks as extensions of their cafeterias, for sporting events, and fundraisers. Several school district builds are currently being built out in our shop at this very moment. Many more projects, some we are not even allowed to discuss just yet. Let’s just say, if you are going to the Super Bowl this year, you will be seeing Cruising Kitchens and Print it Wraps and Graphics work!

custom containers

There is big news in the works and soon enough the Cruising Kitchens Crew will be revealing it to the world. Always something amazing and exciting going on, stay tuned, you are not going to want to miss this next big announcement!

custom containers

Thank you all for you continued support throughout this journey!

custom containers
custom containers

Cruising Kitchens, LLC. located in San Antonio, TX, is the leading designer and manufacturer of custom mobile businesses. Featured on the Discovery Channel Show, Blue Collar Backers, the show followed along a group of investors backing upstart businesses. The investors didn’t stop with just investing they also provided a hands-on approach to the entrepreneurs, offering invaluable advice to the young businesses. Part of the brand names includes; Cruising Kitchens and PrintIt both known for their top of the line quality, durability, unique designs, and expert craftsmanship.

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Cameron Davies

President & CEO of Cruising Kitchens & PrintIt Custom Wraps and Graphics.




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