Blue Collar Backers Returns With Built For Business

San Antonio, TX ~ First introduced on Discovery Channel’s “Blue Collar Backers” in 2016, Cameron Davies and his amazing Cruising Kitchens team are back with their very own series, “Built For Business.” The show, which debuts on MotorTrend TV, takes viewers inside Cruising Kitchens’ 64,000 square foot, San Antonio fabrication facility where Cameron, his wife Kaycee, his shop manager, James Flatman and a team of incredible fabricators build the world’s largest, most impressive vending vehicles and more. The show will air Thursday nights at 6:30p ET / 5:30p CT, starting August 20th.

Cruising Kitchens is not only the largest mobile vending/fabrication shop in existence, they are the gold standard for designing, developing and building some of the largest mobile vending assets ever dreamed up. Each episode of “Built For Business” will give the audience a rare glimpse into the entire magical process from securing the client and discussing the design to the creation and rollout of some of the biggest and most impressive mobile vending assets in the world.

While it may be called “Built For Business”, this series is also very much about family. Married when Cameron had almost nothing, wife Kaycee has played an integral role in the self-made entrepreneur’s success; both as design inspiration and the mother of their two beautiful kids. Because Cameron is such a natural-born leader who lives for his family, he maintains an atmosphere amongst his team of designers and fabricators that elevates each creative process from a simple buildout to a family triumph. The inclusive overtone of “Built For Business” will have everyone watching biting their nails right along with the team as they continuously defy the odds to meet deadlines and deliver a product that defies the client’s expectations while juggling both family and community responsibilities.

All in all, “Built For Business” is the story of a man who overcame, built himself from the ground up with a dream and the support of his family, and assembled the best team in the world to bring other peoples’ dreams to life.

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Cameron Davies

President & CEO of Cruising Kitchens & PrintIt Custom Wraps and Graphics.