Cruising Kitchens and San Jose State University have teamed up once again to bring the university more awesome mobile eats. Their first collaboration was creating the new world’s largest mobile kitchen, but the powerhouse kitchen’s size can sometimes detract from its practicality or accessibility to certain places on campus.

That’s why SJSU and Cruising Kitchens teamed up to create the Spartan UTVs; the Spartan Express and the Sparta Cart. These two mini trucks will be used for creating and enhancing campus with pop-ups that provide dining and refreshments across all mealtimes. They will be utilized for things like large outside school events, football games, community events, and other student engagement activities of all sizes. The UTVs will also be used for smaller-scale events including catering and team-building functions.

SJSU and their Spartan Eats team are very familiar with the mobile arena, having operated the world’s largest mobile kitchen as well as a slew of other mobile units currently being designed. Because of this, they are confident that they will be able to utilize the UTVs to their maximum potential. The Spartan Eats team is most excited to pair their units with local events and gatherings to create exciting and memorable experiences for students. The goal is to have a food program that students can be proud of because of its unique and innovative take on dining.

These units will allow the Spartan Eats team to provide healthier, more convenient food and beverages to students as they travel through campus. The UTVs can be strategically placed at student hot spots so that they can grab a quick snack or refreshment without missing class.

Both Cruising Kitchens and Spartan Eats are eagerly waiting to see the SJSU community’s reaction and utilization of both of these UTVs.

Build Specs

  • – Metro Half-Height Warming Cabinet
  • – True TAC-14GS-LD Vertical Open Air Cooler
  • – Rancilio Classe 5 ST 1 Group Espresso Machine
  • – Stainless Steel Hand Sink
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