The Flats at Big Tex is a high-end luxury property coming soon to the to the City of San Antonio, Texas. The client wanted to begin introducing the community to their amazing property as early as possible and what better way to do that than with a high-end mobile leasing office! Their brand is everything and the Cruising Kitchens crew retrofitted a 1954 Airstream to match!

Build Specs

  • Brand new subfloors to level Airstream flooring
  • new structural supports and coat to prevent rusting
  • Laminated faux click lock vinyl paneling on floors & wheel wells
  • Quarter round to match floors and closeouts
  • Custom ABS walls wrapped in materials
  • bulk headwalls for storage at the rear of Airstream
  • clear door refrigerator and custom shelving for storage (per
  • (4) Lounge Style Leather Chairs to Match Interior D
Media Gallery
Media Gallery