Imagine touring your next apartment complex without actually having to visit the brick and mortar location. This is the reality that GMH Capital Partners wants to create through their recently completed, mobile leasing office. The office truck, built by Cruising Kitchens, presents an innovative solution to viewing their brand new off-campus housing community, Academy 65.

The office truck will be parked on or near on-campus events in Sacramento, California and will host virtual reality sessions at the back end of the truck. Students will have the opportunity to take a fully guided tour of the apartment complex through virtual reality technology as well as have the option for headset panoramic tours. Much like traditional apartment tours, the virtual reality will allow prospects to interact with the spaces they see and get a feel for the layout and amenities offered. Through this mobile leasing office, GMH Capital Partners hopes to redefine the apartment hunting experience by combining convenience with technology.

As for the interior and exterior design of the office truck, GMH Capital Partners enlisted the Cruising Kitchens crew to bring their vision to life. The 20’ custom office truck has deliberate design elements that are meant to appeal to college students and be reflective of their various housing sites. The outside wrap is edgy in order to attract students but is also informative and welcoming. In order to convey the fun aspect of their properties, a smoke machine was added to create a floating effect underneath the vehicle as well as a bubble machine mounted on the roof. The interior of the office truck features a large seating area, a sleek desk, and a TV to create a simple and clean, yet modern and cozy atmosphere.

Searching for the perfect apartment no longer needs to be a long and tiresome process. With the new mobile office truck, you can take a tour of the newest Academy 65 apartment complex, snag some free stuff, and sign a lease without having to leave the comfort of your college campus.

Cruising Kitchens is honored to present the Academy 65 mobile leasing office to GMH Capital Partners and looks forward to working with them in the future.

If you would like to learn more about the Academy 65 student living options, check out the link below!


Build Specs


  • – Mini Refrigerator
  • – (2) Custom Desks
  • – Bench Seating
  • – Large Entrance Door


  • – (2) 40″ 4K LED TVs
  • – VR System
  • – Interior & Exterior Sound System
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