Cruising Kitchens is no stranger to helping those in need. Whether it be food truck events benefiting a charity or free DOC band wraps, the small business is committed to giving back to the community. Cruising Kitchens recognizes the responsibility it holds as a leader in the community and the opportunity it has improved the lives of others. Taking great pride in every build produced, the Cruising Kitchens team is especially honored to announce their latest completed project for the Houston Food Bank.

Cruising Kitchens was tasked with building two mobile markets that will enable the Houston Food Bank to expand their services to more families throughout their service area. Several communities lack a client-choice pantry and these mobile units will allow the Houston Food Bank to reach families that do not have access to fresh and nutritious food options. According to the food bank’s Director of Communications, one of the main goals of the mobile markets is to “provide clients with a dignified shopping experience where they can select the items that best suit the needs of their family.”

Another expectation for the mobile markets is to “offer quality service to clients that are involved in life-changing programs.” A big problem that the Houston Food Bank faces is that a majority of their program partners, such as “clinics, housing partners, and educational institutions, are unable to establish on-site client-choice pantries at their locations.” Using a mobile market means that the Food Bank can increase the availability of their services at these locations and create more convenience for individuals participating in various partner programs. This new way of reaching clients is not only more attractive to current and future partners of the Houston Food Bank but also broadens access to healthy foods and “provides additional monetary support for program participants while they complete their programs.”

As for the design and construction aspects of the mobile markets, the Houston Food Bank wanted to build a unit that was both functional and efficient, yet simple to operate. With rows of custom shelving, the food bank will have an ample amount of storage space to support a large pantry. The mobile units will “require minimal set-up and volunteer capacity,” which will make it a lot easier for partners of the food bank to operate the pantry upon arrival to a distribution location.

Additionally, the Houston Food Bank intends to get full use out of these mobile markets, which “can be repurposed as disaster response vehicles.” This use of the units will help support communities throughout the service area in their time of need and is particularly paramount to communities located in “rural and less-densely populated locations.”

Cruising Kitchens is honored to contribute to the Houston Food Bank’s charitable efforts to relieve hunger nationwide and looks forward to working with them in the future.

The Houston Food Bank is dedicated in its mission to fight hunger and reduce food waste. With the help of over 1,500 community partners and partner distribution organizations, the Houston Food Bank is able to service 18 counties in Southeast Texas and feed around 800,000 individuals each year. Check out their website to learn more about the programs that the Houston Food Bank has to offer or to donate to their cause!

Build Specs

  • – (3) True Glass Door Merchandisers
  • – Custom Metro Shelving
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