Cruising Kitchens has recently completed a multi-vehicle contract with Waterloo Sparkling Water, creating an effective convoy of tricked out Ford Transits. This convoy will be used to push brand awareness across six of Waterloo’s key U.S. markets, including Austin, New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. When asked how the mobile arena has helped the company grow, Augustin Esteve of the Experience Shop answered that “It allows them to be nimble and quick, changing plans on the fly to be more effective”. He continues to emphasize the practicality of the mobile business when “Trial is seen as the primary measure of success”. The mobile arena is all about action and Waterloo is confident that these vehicles give them more opportunities to be where the action is with the ability to act on it accordingly.

The Transits are eye-catching with a soft, light blue and white finish along with their colorful Waterloo branding. Both sides feature large cans of sparkling water with the back highlighting their tagline: ‘Do you Waterloo?’. Although the transits are colorful and fun, they are also sleek and designed with durability in mind. As Esteve puts it, “We love that we have been able to take a bubbly, light-hearted brand and give it some teeth,” referring to things like the transit’s rims, custom grill, audio/video package, and roof rack. These additions all make the vehicle stand out and give the otherwise innocent brand a little menace or oomph.

This is the first time that The Experience Shop and Cruising Kitchens have come together to create something, which is why it was very important to hit a home run.  Esteve and Waterloo are hoping that these tricked out transits will help them reach a larger market, create passive buzz on the beverage, and separate them from other sparkling water competitors. So far, Esteve says they are off to a great start at accomplishing all of those goals.

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