In celebration of Raising Canes’ 25 year anniversary, the Canes crew wanted to commemorate their success by getting two custom food trucks built courtesy of Cruising Kitchens, on the season finale of Built for Business.

After years of discussion amongst the Canes crew about building a food truck, Co-CEO and COO, AJ Kumaran, took it upon himself to surprise the Founder, Todd Graves, with the ultimate anniversary gift. AJ relied on Cameron Davies and the CK team to deliver not just one, but two fully functional food trucks.

With 500+ restaurants located in 30 states, Raising Cane’s was excited to showcase the many layers of the brand within a new medium. The idea for the interior décor of these trucks was to pull the majority of the design elements from many of the brick and mortar locations. Although these two trucks function the same, being that one of the trucks is 18 ft and the other is 24 ft, some of the design elements differ. The 24 ft is seen as “The Mobile Mothership” in reference to the first location Graves ever built, known as “The Mothership.” Just to show how fast and diligent the CK crew is, AJ came into the shop two weeks prior to the reveal and asked Cameron to build the second truck (18 ft) in time for the reveal. Of course, the crew made it happen.

The Canes crew was very hands on with the décor, making sure the heart of Canes was seen throughout both of the trucks. Some of the added features on both trucks are as follows: a high volume kitchen with a custom work table, equipment stand, cutting block countertop, as well as full-size and under-the-counter refrigerators and freezers. They are also equipped with stainless steel cook line tables, bun racks, double basket fryers, and flat griddles. The crew also installed an LED tv, and a sound system on the 18 ft truck. The “Mobile Mothership” is decked out with a more powerful sound system, courtesy of Wetsounds, roof additions, a custom DJ booth on top, and four LED display panels along the side. They also incorporated some of the touches from “The Mothership” such as: the classic neon “chicken fingers” sign at the service window, upholstered tiger print seats, and the notorious disco balls. For the final touch on both trucks, AJ requested Canes bark be installed as the horns.

Now the Caniac customers no longer have to wonder if a Raising Canes will be in their city, because Canes is coming across America! The grand reveal for Graves was a total success, as both trucks exceeded all expectations. Every aspect of the builds turned out better than he, and the entire Canes crew could have ever envisioned. The passion and core values of Raising Cane’s and Cruising Kitchens aligned perfectly which made the challenges of the project manageable and the choice to work together an easy one. See Cameron and the CK crew make history on the season finale of Built for Business, Thursday 6:30p/5:30p CT on Motor Trend TV. Check your local listings.

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Cameron Davies

President & CEO of Cruising Kitchens & PrintIt Custom Wraps and Graphics.