Crawfish & Karbach Beer? Sign Me Up!

Get your crawfish crackin’ fingers ready, ‘cause the Karbach Crawfish Trailer is up and running full speed ahead. Cruising Kitchen’s relationship with the Karbach Brewery has always produced high quality work, this time resulting in a sleek, deceptively simple trailer. At a quick glance, one would notice the trailer’s ‘crab catcher’ design, modeled to represent the old wooden box traps that were used to catch various shellfish and crustaceans. Think ‘The Krusty Krab’. The crawfish trailer’s wood paneled sides and pointed roof welcome in guests with their simple, rustic look. The trailer isn’t hiding anything with its open-air design. It represents the personal, intimate fishing and cooking processes necessary for stellar crawfish.

Crawfish & Karbach Beer? Sign Me Up!

Cruising Kitchens worked diligently with the General Manager of Retail Operations, Ted Rowell, throughout the build and implementation process. When asked about any custom additions, Ted replied that, “Houston has a lot of requirements and restrictions concerning food trucks, so it was wonderful that Cruising Kitchens took the time to ensure that the vehicle was ready for any inspections far beforehand.” The Crawfish trailer can prepare almost 600 pounds of ready-to-eat crawfish in a single hour, allowing it to serve hundreds of hungry customers.

Crawfish & Karbach Beer? Sign Me Up!

This is the second build that Karbach Brewing Co. has done with Cruising Kitchens. Ted loves the synergy his custom CK builds bring to the brewery. His favorite thing about the new crawfish trailer is when it works next to his other build, The Love Truck, they cook for and serve customers in tandem. According to Ted, the builds have given his business the opportunity to expand their culinary program. The Love Truck has allowed them to widen their menu offerings as well as help to serve some of their private events and banquets. So far, the crawfish trailer has served more than 12,000 pounds of Acadia Crawfish from Crowley, LA. From the team at Cruising Kitchens to those at Karbach Brewery, we can’t wait to see what’s next!

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