Cruising Kitchens Announced as Finalist for Business Journal’s 2018 Business of the Year

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2019 Book of Lists Gala Business of the Year Finalists

San Antonio, TX: Cruising Kitchens is honored to announce that they are a finalist for the San Antonio Business Journal’s 2018 Business of the Year. On January 31, 2019, Cruising Kitchens along with ten other local organizations will be recognized at the annual Book of Lists Gala for their significant impact on the growth and development of San Antonio.

The much-awaited event will celebrate local businesses from a range of industries including manufacturing, health care, finance, and energy. The success and determination of these businesses have proved to be a key driver of economic activity throughout the city. Their novel ideas and innovative mindsets continue to cultivate an environment that both challenges and inspires entrepreneurs alike.

The gala is a black-tie event and will be at Pearl Stable from 7 to 10 p.m. on January 31. For more information regarding the event and to register for the gala, click here.

Cruising Kitchens is beyond thankful for all of the support and is honored to be considered for this award among many successful businesses.

Cruising Kitchens, LLC. located in San Antonio, TX, is the leading designer and manufacturer of custom mobile businesses. Featured on the Discovery Channel Show, Blue Collar Backers, the show followed along a group of investors backing upstart businesses. The investors didn’t stop with just investing they also provided a hands-on approach to the entrepreneurs, offering invaluable advice to the young businesses. Part of the brand names includes; Cruising Kitchens and PrintIt both known for their top of the line quality, durability, unique designs, and expert craftsmanship. Check out Cruising Kitchens at