Amid the global pandemic that has caused thousands of restaurants to go out of business, and millions of their workers to lose their jobs, companies operating as ghost kitchens have begun reshaping the restaurant industry.

Ghost kitchens are food preparation and cooking facilities with no on-premise dining and no wait staff, designed for pickup and delivery meals. This new method lowers the cost of entry and operation for existing and prospective restaurateurs, as well as a significant pivot point for those that were unable to stay afloat during the shutdown, or forced into closure due to limited capacity models. Although ghost kitchens are a relatively new concept that have been covered heavily during the pandemic, this model is more than a temporary trend. Ghost kitchens are projected to grow 25% each year over the next five years.

Companies such as REEF Technology, Cloud Kitchens, Zuul Kitchens, and a host of others have drastically impacted the restaurant industry in a positive way by bringing foods, goods, and services into neighborhoods that would otherwise not have access.

Recognizing the trend, the longevity of the opportunity, and its impact on the entire industry and those it employs, Cruising Kitchens jumped into action to expand its operation to service Ghost Kitchens by taking on an additional 73,000 sq ft, bringing the combined square footage of the San Antonio based fabrication facility to 134,000 sq ft. The additional space will allow Cruising Kitchens to create mobile assets in bulk, while maintaining the quality and ingenuity that has made Cruising Kitchens an innovator in mobile vending.

“Cruising Kitchens has once again placed itself at the forefront of an emerging industry by making large investments in infrastructure and personnel to help increase its capacity to serve those companies who need a builder who can build quality products at breakneck speed,” states COO Marcos Resendez.

CEO Cameron Davies has created the ultimate one-stop-shop, making sure everything a company may need to assist their mobile assets and overall brand, can be executed in-house by his ingenious team. With an elite crew of welders, fabricators, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, audio/video technicians, upholsterers, graphic designers, inspectors and transportation specialists, Cruising Kitchens is able to provide clients single source accountability at scale.

“With 10 years of building the biggest and baddest custom mobile assets under our belt, and now almost 2 years of building ghost kitchens across the nation, our knowledge in the space is second to none. We have dedicated our entire facility to ensure that we are ready for the increased demand,” Davies declares.

The most common form of food service now is delivery, however that usually has a limited area radius. With a mobile asset, there is no limit to locations, making mobile vending a soon-to-be necessity for growth and continuity for restaurateurs. Mr. Davies and the Cruising Kitchens family continue to make provisions for the roll-out and iteration of these innovative builds that are helping to sustain restaurant businesses for the present and future.

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Cameron Davies

President & CEO of Cruising Kitchens & PrintIt Custom Wraps and Graphics.