Laredo Police Department’s Mobile Command Center

San Antonio, TX: Recently, the Laredo Police Department (LPD) came to Cruising Kitchens with an ambulance chassis, a vision, and a budget. This isn’t the first time Cruising Kitchens and the LPD have teamed up and CK wanted to deliver! The LPD was extremely satisfied with their last build, the Community Outreach Ice-Cream Truck, and Cruising Kitchens is proud to call the LPD friends and partners in their newest endeavor.

Laredo Police Department’s Mobile Command Center

The Laredo Police Department asked Cruising Kitchens to create a custom mobile command center using a recycled ambulance chassis from fellow first responders, at the Laredo Fire Department. The ambulance has been modified and transformed into a mobile office for negotiators in high crisis scenarios. Luis Gutierrez of the Laredo PD says “the unit will be used to create a quiet, isolated area for high command staff, away from the bustling environment of the command center. This will allow for the crisis negotiators to have a private place to concentrate and strategize with the command staff to work out peaceful resolutions in dangerous scenarios.”

Laredo Police Department’s Mobile Command Center

The unit is sleek, and with a dark grey paint job, it is the perfect mix of stylish and serious. The back cab, where the majority of the PD’s business will take place, is equipped with comfortable vinyl benches and bright overhead lighting. In the center sits a large, polished wood conference table. The benches and conference table both fold down to create extra space for movement and or bodies in the cab. Additional commodities inside the cab include a cork-board wall for posting notes. An officer favorite inside the unit is the inclusion of multiple USB plug-ins and outlets, allowing for, “Many devices to be saved over long hours.”

After the smash hit Ice Cream Truck, Luis knew that the LPD could count on Cruising Kitchens to, “deliver the highest quality of craftsmanship, customization, and attention to detail.” Luis believes that the mobile application of police work could gain traction and catch on with other police departments in the future due to its cost-effectiveness and flexibility. “With shrinking budgets and the importance of doing more with less,” Cruising Kitchens has opened up a brand new door of opportunity for the Laredo Police Department and their emergency response teams.

Laredo Police Department’s Mobile Command Center

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