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San Antonio, TX – No one ever thought the world could get as bad as it is right now, nonetheless see it happen during our lifetime. Everyone has been effected in some way or fashion, including non-essential businesses. Luckily, Cruising Kitchens fell into three essential categories that allowed them to continue to operate. And here is the perfect reason why.

Paul Griffith of San Antonio, TX based Smashin Crab, came to Cruising Kitchens one day with a story that couldn’t be overlooked. Due to the current restrictions and prohibitions put in place for restaurants and bars, Paul was forced to reduce the amount of staffed employees and on the verge of going down a path that he might not have been able to recover from. Cameron Davies, President & CEO of Cruising Kitchens, and Joshua Davies, Chief Brand Officer of Cruising Kitchens, sat down with Paul to hear his full story and find out what they could do to help Smashin Crab. Paul needed to take his business to the next level and going mobile was almost a no brainer.

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A food truck would allow Paul to operate legally as a restaurant on wheels. Mobile businesses open the door to many things that brick and mortars are not capable of doing. One of them is being able to go to the customer instead of the customer coming to them. It also allows for more options when it comes to To-Go and curbside. In addition, the food truck would open positions for employees to return back to work, which is what Paul was most concerned about. Seeing his passion and the way he talked about his staff as if they were family definitely hit home with Cameron and Josh. The only problem was that Paul needed a truck now and as a custom business, Cruising Kitchens, unfortunately, had nothing available for Paul to take immediate possession of.

Luckily, Cruising Kitchens had a truck that was ready to be built out and their team was ready to make it happen. What should have been a minimum of six weeks of work turned into a two week crunch time for the crew.

“I can say that even though this food truck isn’t the biggest and/or flashiest, it is definitely one of our best builds to date and means so much more to us than a typical build”, said Joshua Davies. “Everyone who helped bring this project to life put their blood, sweat, and tears into it to make sure we delivered a high-quality product in a fraction of the time”, as he continued.

Smashin Crab Food Truck Kitchen

Cameron Davies and Cruising Kitchens has been known for always giving back to their community in some form or fashion. They are always looking for ways to support other local and small businesses. In trying times like these, supporting one another and helping in any way possible can get people or businesses through the toughest of times.

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Cruising Kitchens, LLC. located in San Antonio, TX, is the leading designer and manufacturer of custom mobile businesses. Featured on the Discovery Channel Show, Blue Collar Backers, the show followed along a group of investors backing upstart businesses. The investors didn’t stop with just investing they also provided a hands-on approach to the entrepreneurs, offering invaluable advice to the young businesses. Part of the brand names includes; Cruising Kitchens and PrintIt both known for their top of the line quality, durability, unique designs, and expert craftsmanship.

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