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San Antonio, TX: Being involved in the community and giving back has always been a large part of the PrintIt and Cruising Kitchens mission statement. Their workforce is a healthy, thriving family. Benefits that come with such a family strengthens the bonds they have in-house, while also creating new, impactful bonds along the way. One of the newer bonds that they have had the pleasure of nurturing is shared with two amazing individuals, Brian and Kelsey Hutchinson. These two own and manage Vault Auto Services, a premier climate controlled facility that specializes in preserving, maintaining, and detailing elite motor cars.

San Antonio Batmobile

When they aren’t putting passionate work into vehicles, they let that passion spill over into a thoughtful, exciting, and meaningful hobby: taking young children suffering from potentially life-threatening or debilitating illnesses to the hospital, in style. Staying true to their business, they transport the children with speed and grace to their treatments in a Corvette Z06 equipped with a Z07 package. This is, by all means, a supercar. But it isn’t just a quick and exhilarating romp to the doctor in a fast car. The ‘Vette has been wrapped and decorated by PrintIt to emulate the Batmobile’. Brian suits up in a movie-accurate Batman costume and poses as the Caped Crusader himself to accompany the BatVette. This turns what would normally be a dreaded trip for the children into something that puts a huge smile on their face. From driving to the hospital with Mom and Dad to being personally escorted by Batman and his super speedy, custom wrapped Batmobile. Who wouldn’t love that?

Batmobile PrintIt Graphics Corvette Z06

Brian and Kelsey do this on their own time, free of charge, taking only smiles, laughter, and parental gratitude as payment. When asked what personal benefits they see from doing their kind work, Kelsey wrote, “I love watching the kids as they first see the BatVette pull up. It melts my heart every time. These kids have so much strength and their families have even more. This world needs more smiles and more love. Cancer sucks but the ride to the hospital doesn’t have to!”

And that’s the whole point, helping strong families and stronger kids on their weakest, most difficult days. Batman himself overcame a rough and tragic past, but managed to come out stronger, faster, and more heroic than ever. He becomes a unilateral symbol of strength and mental fortitude that many children diagnosed with cancer can relate to. It’s hard to keep smiling through intensive treatment and sickness, for both the parents and the children. Kelsey, Brian, and the BatVette prove that children under these circumstances still can, and deserve to smile big.

Cruising Kitchens Batmobile Fights Cancer San Antonio

PrintIt and Cruising Kitchens are extremely proud and honored to be able to facilitate and work with Brian and Kelsey on their crusade to provide lasting, smiling memories to those who may have a harder time coming by them.

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Cameron Davies

President & CEO of Cruising Kitchens & PrintIt Custom Wraps and Graphics.