Special Golf Cart Airman Remembrance
Remembered Airman

San Antonio, TX – From a free wrapping service on doc bands for children in need to building a free one-of-a-kind, off the grid living vehicle for someone diagnosed with cancer, Cruising Kitchens is always looking for ways to support their family, friends and community. It comes to no surprise that Cameron Davies and his wife, Kaycee Davies, wanted to go over the top for their uncle after hearing about his passing in a tragic accident.

Cody Thompson, a Garwood native, is survived by his wife Shelley and three girls, Faith, Ria and Brynn. Cody grew up with a family of aerial applicators starting with his grandfather, several uncles, and his dad. Cody was known for working as an ANF air serviceman under his dad.

In the early morning of May 11, 2019, Cody began his day, ready to get the job done in order to spend the rest of the day with his family. During his flight an unexpected change in weather caught Cody by surprise, causing him to lose control of his plane.

After his passing, meetings were set up on a monthly basis to plan a benefit that would support his wife and daughters. The benefit included a live auction, silent auction, a gun and bucket raffle, a corn hole and washer tournament, a meal, and a live band. One of the auction items for the event was a golf cart. This is where Cruising Kitchens came into play.

Cameron & Kaycee wanted to transform the golf cart into something that would represent Cody in the best way possible. So why not make the golf cart resemble the Air Tractor Plane he was known for flying? With a custom roof to resemble the cockpit of the plane, custom propellers, wings doubling as custom beer holders, and a bright yellow wrap to bring it all together, all it was lacking was a pilot to take flight. The custom golf cart was auctioned off at the benefit and brought in more than $7,000 making it one of the highest bid items of the auction.

The benefit was a huge success with over 1,000 people coming to support Cody and his family. It’s no secret that Cody was a very loving and caring person who touched many people throughout his life. And to that, we raise our glasses and say cheers to a man who will be so dearly missed by family and friends.

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