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With the recent rise in celebrity chef culture it’s no surprise that there is a need for different types of builds. From shows like The Great Food Truck Race with Tyler Florence to the recently premiered 24 Hours to Hell and Back with everyone’s favorite chef, Gordon Ramsay, there are more and more shows featuring a mobile kitchen or more commonly known as, the food truck.

Food trucks nowadays tend to be the product of choice for restaurateurs looking to get their feet wet in the culinary world. They’re cheaper than the modern day brick and mortar and the fact that they’re mobile makes them a lot more competitive. The ability to move from place to place based on need gives mobile kitchens the upper hand.

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So for Gordon Ramsay, this concept was one he could easily stand behind. The show, 24 Hours to Hell and Back, presented quite the challenge and Cruising Kitchens offered the solution. The crew transformed a 70 foot trailer into a state of the art kitchen that has become the show’s mobile homebase. The trailer, named, “Hell on Wheels,” offers the culinary team a multitude of different tools and equipment to use as they help failing restaurants fall back in love with the reason they started their business in the first place.

The magnitude of this project should not discourage others from pursuing their own business ventures. Regardless of the possible budget disparity, there are builds that can be done to meet individual needs and standards. Here at Cruising Kitchens we pride ourselves in building customized mobile businesses built specifically for your needs as a business owner. Utilizing the latest technology mixed with techniques that have stood the test of time in the mobile business industry, Cruising Kitchens will help you achieve your goals today.

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Cruising Kitchens, LLC. located in San Antonio, TX, is the leading designer and manufacturer of custom mobile businesses. Featured on the Discovery Channel Show, Blue Collar Backers, the show followed along a group of investors backing upstart businesses. The investors didn’t stop with just investing they also provided a hands-on approach to the entrepreneurs, offering invaluable advice to the young businesses. Part of the brand names includes; Cruising Kitchens and PrintIt both known for their top of the line quality, durability, unique designs, and expert craftsmanship.

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President & CEO of Cruising Kitchens & PrintIt Custom Wraps and Graphics.




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