The Whiskey Train is Coming

San Antonio, TX: All aboard the Whiskey Train! The 2019 High West Whiskey Run Tour has officially begun. The train’s first stop is the base of the 2019 FIS World Halfpipe Championship. It has set off to provide an unparalleled experience for athletes, VIP guests, and big names in snowboarding who want to view one of the biggest winter sports events while also sampling award-winning High West Distillery spirits.

The Whiskey Train is Coming

Manifold and their client High West came to Cruising Kitchens with a vision and a mission statement, “To create a distinctive, mobile tasting experience that tells the High West story in a compelling way and energizes backyard whiskey aficionados, connoisseurs, and tastemakers alike, about the quality, craftsmanship, and flavor of the American West.” It’s no surprise to see such a bold mission statement from Utah’s first legal distillery since 1870.

Besides being the first distillery in Utah, they’re also one of the best around – in 2016 High West received Whiskey Advocate’s Prestigious Distiller of the Year award for its innovative and delicious whiskeys, amongst other things. The High West Distillery and Saloon in Historic Old Town Park City is the world’s only ski-in, gastro distillery that was voted, “Best Park City Restaurant,” by local voters.

The Whiskey Train is Coming

Said Marcos Resendez, VP Cruising Kitchens “We’re known for saying yes, when everyone else says, no. Manifold approached us with a crazy idea and a beautiful render and the team knocked it out of the park!” The Whiskey Train travels as a caboose but unfolds into an ornate, whiskey tasting patio bar. Guests of the train can sit at the old school copper bar, “under custom saloon neon,” and learn about the High West blending process. They can relax in the leather butterfly chairs or take in the events around them on the elevated viewing deck. Train-goers will be treated to all of the High West Whiskey brands as the train comes equipped with two custom service bars as well as a sampling bar on the front of the caboose, for special occasions and social moments. With hand stained wood to banker’s lights, the Whiskey Train compliments the tastes of High West’s whiskeys with its rustic, western feel.

Manifold, High West, and the Whiskey Train will be stationed at the Park City Mountain Resort from February 6th – 10th, before heading out on a summer-long tour to locations like Austin, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Cruising Kitchens is extremely proud of this build. The hand crafted wood elements, CNC details, and overall decor of the build compliment the western feel that the High West brand is based on. The exterior was made using Cruising Kitchen’s sister company PrintIt’s ( innovative design, artistic talent, and print resources, which allowed for Cruising Kitchens to meet the challenge of the 18’ mountain graphic and hand painted logos to be displayed on the outer wooden surface. We are especially proud of the intuitive mechanical deck that operates entirely on a wench system and the ‘secret’ serving window behind one of the whiskey displays.

The Whiskey Train is tasteful and a total eye catcher, especially at night. Once the sun goes down, fluorescent bulbs hang over the patio and banker’s lights illuminate the copper top bar. The entire caboose radiates with a warm buzz that is capped by the lighted whiskey cabinets giving off a subtle, honey glow. The design elements and fabrication come together to present a 360 degree experience that can be activated at events of all sizes. It truly was a pleasure and an honor to work with Manifold and High West to bring the Whiskey Train to the tracks!

The Whiskey Train is Coming
The Whiskey Train is Coming

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