Cheers to women-owned and operated businesses from the countryside! Cameron and Kaycee Davies meet with a group of successful women doing big business in small towns, looking to take their brands on the road. The Cruising Kitchens crew were tasked with building mobile beverage trucks for 5D Steakhouse and Stir Soda Shoppe…simultaneously.

Although 5D Steakhouse is primarily known for their steak, the talented bartenders and signature cocktails have made the bar an iconic part of the brand. The exceptional reputation the bar has developed inspired owner, Brianne Dlugosch, to bring the 5D bar experience to the people by creating the “5D Travelin’ Tavern.”

After researching many custom build and fabrication companies, Brianne was impressed by the raving reviews Cruising Kitchen received, so she decided to take a tour of the facility and discuss her vision with Cameron and Kaycee. “I was blown away by their hospitality, and that is a huge plus for me. I looked at some of their work, and I knew right away that this was the company I wanted to bring my vision to life,” said Dlugosch. Soon after Brianne delivered her vision to Cameron and Kaycee, they immediately began conceptualizing the layout of the build, and within a few short weeks, the mobile bar was complete in half the time Dlugosch expected.

The Travelin’ Tavern is filled with unique design elements and custom features that resemble a compact form of 5D’s stationary bars. Some of these features include: two bar tops, a frozen drink machine, a draft beer system and cocktail station, a custom mirror above the bar with repurposed antler light fixtures attached, metro shelving, along with a lighted merchandise display, a custom wine rack, all completed with interior and exterior LED lights for the full, high energy, 5D bar experience.

D’s mobile bar gives the adults the ultimate outdoor bar experience, while the other woman-owned company, Stir Soda Shoppe, brings flavored fun for the entire family to enjoy.

Chief Executive Designer, Anna Pearson, and Chief Marketing Officer, Melissa Schulz, wanted to start a company selling flavored soda that can be topped with a plethora of different candies, for those that need a burst of energy, but aren’t in the mood for coffee or an energy drink. In turn, Stir Soda Shoppe was created.

As moms who enjoy the southern adventures to festivals, fairs, and rodeos, Anna and Melissa wanted the ability to be in that atmosphere, while also being able to pick up and go as needed. This combined with the perk mobile businesses have of being able to test out various markets quickly, made starting their company with a mobile soda truck an easy choice. “We had a very specific vision for a modern farmhouse on wheels. We wanted it to have electronic elements (speakers, led lights, tv screens) etc. We are also San Antonio area natives…We wanted to stand out in a crowd of food trucks, and that requires a creative build partner,” said Schulz. Making the call to have Cruising Kitchens personify their ideas was very practical and exciting for Pearson and Schulz.

This modern soda truck with a country rustic touch has many distinctive aspects, some of which include: full kitchen equipment (refrigerators, freezers, ice bins, sinks, microwave, etc.), custom shelving and framework for soda machines, a backlit LED logo sign, a lighted merchandise display, adjustable exterior and interior LED light fixtures for ample lighting during night events, exterior LED tvs and speakers, and a large fabricated Stir cup on the exterior of the truck.

Now that these women have taken their businesses on the road, the next step is to use this creative marketing to expand their brands. 5D’s Travelin’ Tavern will be used for both promotional events and private hire (weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, etc). Stir’s mobile soda shoppe will be showcased at family festivities such as festivals, fairs, rodeos, etc.

“It was great to be around outgoing and fearless women from a small town just like me, who were willing to step out of their comfort zone to elevate,” said Kaycee. These two companies are all about empowerment, positive vibes, and high energy. See how Cruising Kitchens implemented these key pillars within the mobile assets on the new episode of Built for Business, Thursday 6:30p | 5:30p CT on Motor Trend TV. Check your local listings.

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Cameron Davies

President & CEO of Cruising Kitchens & PrintIt Custom Wraps and Graphics.