Culinary Performance Media

When Culinary Performance Media contacted me and let me know what they had in mind I was excited from the start. Any time I am presented with something that has never been done before I get excited because this gives us the chance to not only show the world what a talented team we have on the regular but to build the unknown and to challenge the team! A challenge brings out the best in the entire crew and this one was no different. Every department at Cruising Kitchens went above and beyond on this beast of a build and proved to the world that they are indeed THE BEST! I could not be more happy with the outcome and cannot wait to build more!

Culinary Performance Media

It was a quick deadline, 3 months, and the team worked 24/7 to get it done! It is one of our most intricate and sophisticated builds to date! It belongs to Culinary Performance Media and goes by the name of T.R.U.C.K. – Traveling Restaurant Ultimate Competition Kitchen. Look for this beast at the next big event because it is going to be used for MAJOR CORPORATE Client Marketing purposes! It can be completely rewrapped and transformed for any brand. I expect to see T.R.U.C.K. sooner than later most likely on national television!

Culinary Performance Media
Culinary Performance Media

For a full progressional video tour click here: VIDEO TOUR

Cruising Kitchens, LLC. located in San Antonio, TX, is the leading designer and manufacturer of custom mobile businesses. Featured on the Discovery Channel Show, Blue Collar Backers, the show followed along a group of investors backing upstart businesses. The investors didn’t stop with just investing they also provided a hands-on approach to the entrepreneurs, offering invaluable advice to the young businesses. Part of the brand names includes; Cruising Kitchens and PrintIt both known for their top of the line quality, durability, unique designs, and expert craftsmanship.

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